Advanced Analytics

Use data-driven insights to take better decisions while automating your business processes. Analyze your marketing campaigns and workflows comprehensively and improve your target metrics by rapid experimentation.
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Analytics are delivered to you in real-time so that you can take decisions faster and play with your targeting and campaigns. Experiment faster.


Macro analytics

High-level analytics to give you an idea of the overall progress of your automations. Helps in understanding where optimizations can be achieved.


Micro analytics

Per-campaign, per-automation, and per-workflow analytics to offer you in-depth detail of the performance of each of your automations. Tweak your automations and experiment on them.


Export your data

Exporting your data is as simple as clicking a button. Decide who receives the exported data.

Workflow Analytics

Get analytics on your workflow executions. Analyze the events coming in and the actions being taken on them.

Email Campaign Analytics

Measure and analyze delivery rates, click through rates, landing page open rates and other metrics on an exhaustive dashboard.

SMS Campaign Analytics

Analyze the delivery rates, click through rates using Wyzebulbs own link shortener.


Advanced Analytics with click through rates


Aggregate Stats and reporting