Business process Automation simplifies complex business workflows

It helps in streamlining communication and enforces accountability
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Customer Engagement automation

Engage your customers from acquisition till conversion and more

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Email Communication Automation

Tailored marketing campaigns for each segment of your audience to help advertise products and services in efforts to efficiently and effectively engage new customers.


Facebook Marketing Automation

Configure what happens when you receive a lead (eg. send an email, SMS, create a lead on your CRM etc). Connect multiple facebook ad accounts to multiple CRMs seamlessly


SMS communication automation

Setup automated SMSes based on segments and connect automated Messages with other CRMs, Product hooks. Retarget them for future campaigns.


Business workflow automation

Wyzebulb is a platform where you can connect any of your apps, and design how these interact with each other. No need for a dedicated development and setup can be done in a matter of minutes


User segmentation and rules

Having better control over data flow, meaning detailed insights about your customers (eg. their interests, behaviour etc.) Additionally, this helps in improving your return on investment

Connect disparate applications

Your business uses several applications across all of its functions. These apps are often good at what they do, but don’t easily talk to your other apps. Connect them with Wyzebulb.

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Automate your BizOps easily

Wyzebulb allows organisations to orchestrate and automate their BizOps processes. Integrate all of your apps in one place (our platform), and then create multi-step flows between any number of apps.

Easy to swap integrations

Wyzebulb lets you use the app of your choice when communicating withyour customers. You can switch between the apps with the click of a button.

No IT help required

All this requires no help from your developer team. Setup complex workflows and automate all your campaigns without writing a single line of code.

What Wyzebulb can offer

License to proprietary platform allowing your company to integrate, automate, and manipulate all of your business processes and customer journeys

Custom integrations of any additional apps or systems your company uses which Wyzebulb has yet to integrate. Get in touch with us and we can integrate the app of your choice in < 40 hours
Analytics and business intelligence spanning your company’s operations, so that you can optimize your business processes and user experiences as your business evolves