Facebook Messenger Bot

Conversational bots, powered by AI, allow you to reach your customers faster and give support to them in lower response times.
Replace Emails and SMSes

Push content notifications to your users right on Messenger instead of using Emails and SMSes. Get much better open rates and click-through rates.

Faster Response Times

Solve your customers queries and complaints in faster response times by letting the bot do the heavy-lifting for you. Keep your customers happy and increase NPS.

Artificial Intelligence

Use AI to ask your users leading questions and understand their intent to personalize each user experience with the bot.

Easy integration with CRMs

Send the prospective leads to any CRM of your choice seamlessly. Manually support the discontent customers from any ticketing system.

Multiple Facebook Pages supported

Launch different bots for different pages based on the page context and offer personalized experience to your customers.

No IT help required

All this requires no help from your developer team. Setup and automate complex personalized bots without writing a single line of code.