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Send Emails via Sendgrid to Optinmonster leads

Send promotional and transactional emails to your users via Sendgrid for free. Apply filters and create workflows to send emails in real-time.

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About OptinMonster

Optinmonster is a conversion optimization platform which helps grow your email list and boost sales.

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About SendGrid

SendGrid's cloud-based all in one email delivery platform for effortless marketing campaigns, engaging new templates & transactional email.

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Send emails to engage with your users coming from Optinmonster. Every time a lead gets created, an email will be sent via Sendgrid to the user with the details customized by you. Apply filters and re-engage leads for your business.

  1. A lead gets created in Optinmonster when someone fills a popup or form.
  2. Optinmonster captures the lead and forwards it to Wyzebulb.
  3. Wyzebulb sends an email to your lead using Sendgrid after filtering and tailoring it according to your workflow.

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Excellent app! Integrated with Exotel in less than 24 hours and helped us segment and re-engage our users via telephony.

Anand Wadodkar



Must-use app for facebook automation! Helped us engage with all our leads in real-time and improve conversions

Sanjay O S


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