Empower Your HR Team with Self-Service Automation

Generate accurate and automated HR reports with Wyzebulb's automation software. Schedule and automate your complex HR reporting processes, giving you more time to focus on your people with Wyzebulb's HR reporting automation software.

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Streamline Recruitment with Automation

Find the best candidates effortlessly with our recruitment automation software. Keep job descriptions up-to-date, easily sift through candidate data, score resumes, and sync it all with your HCM.



HR organizations often struggle with managing and tracking employee data effectively due to lack of automation and integration with other systems. This can lead to manual errors, increased time spent on data entry and analysis, and difficulty in making data-driven decisions.


Wyzebulb revolutionizes HR management. Automate HR processes, track employee data and performance, and make data-driven decisions with ease. Our integration with existing systems and scheduled flows fit regular HR reporting schedules, saving time and effort. Upgrade your HR management with Wyzebulb.

Unleash your Human Resource potential with seamless integrations

Automate Like a Pro with Wyzebulb's Resources

Take your HR performance to new heights with Wyzebulb's expert resources. From automation inspiration to step-by-step tutorials

our library is packed with everything you need to streamline your HR processes and achieve success. Unlock the full potential of your HR team with Wyzebulb.

Automate Performance

Wyzebulb's HR automation tools allow you to easily track employee performance, making it easy to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions.

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Wyzebulb's automation tools help you streamline HR operations, freeing up time and resources so you can focus on what matters most.


Streamline Features

Wyzebulb's automation tools help you streamline your HR operations, making it easy to manage employee data, track performance and make data-driven decisions.

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User Stories

Anand Wadodkar

Associate Product Manager


User Story: Excellent app!

Integrated with Exotel in less than 24 hours and helped us segment and re-engage our users via telephony.

Sanjay O S

Senior Marketing Manager


User Story: Must-use app for facebook automation!

Helped us engage with all our leads in real-time and improve conversions

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