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Streamline your sales processes and close more deals faster with Wyzebulb. Automate key sales tasks and access buying signals and sales updates directly on your fingertips. Assemble and schedule the exact sales reports you need, automatically, with Wyzebulb.

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Accelerate Lead Conversion Efforts

Lead management automation can improve sales performance by providing access to real-time accurate customer data for personalized sales pitches, saving time and increasing productivity by streamlining the lead-to-customer conversion process, and improving ROI and strengthening long-term customer relationships.



Sales organizations often struggle with gathering and analyzing data effectively due to lack of specific information provided by software programs. This can make it difficult to get a complete picture of the business and make accurate predictions, leading to increased time and effort spent on gathering and analyzing data using multiple spreadsheets and resources.


Wyzebulb revolutionizes sales reporting. Automate even custom reports, save time, and focus on what's important. Our scheduled flows fit regular reporting schedules, and integration with existing tools allows you to keep custom models without sacrificing time. Upgrade your sales reporting process with Wyzebulb.

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Maximize your efficiency and streamline your sales process with Wyzebulb's specific features. Learn how to use them for major time savings and increased productivity.

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User Stories

Anand Wadodkar

Associate Product Manager


User Story: Excellent app!

Integrated with Exotel in less than 24 hours and helped us segment and re-engage our users via telephony.

Sanjay O S

Senior Marketing Manager


User Story: Must-use app for facebook automation!

Helped us engage with all our leads in real-time and improve conversions

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