Wyzebulb: Zapier Alternative

5 Advantages Of Wyzebulb Over Zapier

  • Wyzebulb’s exponential growth in the Automation market speaks for itself on its position it has secured by providing a variety of Automation features and services to business enterprises just in a couple of months.
  • Social proof of a strong clientele in the market including businesses like Scribd, Godrej, Byjus, The Hindu and more.
  • New and upcoming campaigns by Wyzebulb will be exclusively available and tested with its existing pool of clientele
  • Customer retention and experience with Wyzebulb giving excellent reviews
  • Impeccable performance quality of the 24/7 Support
One to One App IntegrationsYesYes
Multi-app IntegrationsAvailable in Free PlanPaid Plan
Re-run failed tasksYesYes
Conditional LogicYesYes
Speed Of Quick Integrations1-2 mins5-15 mins
Ease Of App Integration Setupyesyes
7 day TrialFree-
1000 Actions$10$20
3000 Actions$15$50
10000 Actions$39$125
50000 Actions$129$250

How Wyzebulb Works ?

  • Wyzebulb offers business enterprises automation solutions of integrating all the applications under a single account.
  • The solutions are creatively designed keeping in mind the challenges faced by various sales, marketing, and business operations team.
  • Thus, they have been created to cater to all units of a business enterprise with a unified goal of increasing efficiency with automation.
  • Wyzebulb understands the unique needs of each business and caters to it specifically by offering over 33 applications.
  • Wyzebulb gives your business the freedom to experiment with new applications of your choice and convenience by adding them to your unique application automation portfolio.
  • Wyzebulb is your friendly alternative to Zapier.
  • Create automated workflows.
  • Integrate all your business applications on a single platform.
  • Work across business units in real time with Wyzebulb’s Advanced Analytics.
  • Set up Email and SMS campaigns in minutes.
  • Get Facebook Messenger Bot, Facebook Marketing Automation, and Facebook Lead Ads and Facebook Comments directly into Google Sheets.
  • Create user segmentation and target audience with customized emails and messages.
  • Sharpshoot marketing and reach 10x sales growth in a month with Wyzebulb.